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General information

Teachers will set work for all lessons on Google Classroom which students should complete during their normal lesson times.

Google Classroom can be accessed from any web browser (by logging into to gmail with their school email address and password) or from the Google Classroom app on their phone or iPad.

Students need to find their relevant class, then look for that lessons assignment (should be dated) and complete the work as directed (the video below shows what this should look like).

Once they have complete the work they should upload evidence (this could be as simple as a photo) to show that they have completed the work.

What to do if there is no work for a lesson on Google Classroom

If for any reason work has not been set (most likely due to staff illness) then students should access work from the super classroom (these are labeled with a 'z' prefix, see start of the video).

If a students suddenly does not have internet access then paper based work has been sent home with them to allow them to continue their studies.

If you have questions or concerns then please contact the relevant subject leader (emails addresses are as follows: initialsurname@writhlington.org.uk)

  • English: Laura Lennon

  • Maths: Graham Farr

  • Science: Anne MacKay

  • Geography: Jemma Carter

  • History: Paul Allen

  • PB: Peter Buick

  • IT and computing: Tom Attfield

  • Languages: Mike Burr

  • PE: Liam Riley

  • Business: Max Morton

  • Social Sciences: Nick King

  • Art: Sam Turner

  • Music: Joe Newland

  • Drama: Sophie Whitehead

  • Media: Chris Donovan

  • Technology: Chris Long

For any technical IT questions please see the FAQs tab at the top right of this page

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

This short presentation should help you understand how Google Classroom works and how students access their lessons if they are stuck

Student and parent guide to Google Classroom

At Writhlington all students are automatically enrolled in courses which is a little different from the video

Uploading work to Google Classroom.MP4

Uploading work to Google Classroom video

Simple video showing how students upload work to assignments on Google Classroom

How to upload work to Google Classroom

Uploading work to Google Classroom presentation

Simple presentation showing how students upload work to assignments on Google Classroom

How to 'hand in' work on Google Classroom HSH.webm

Uploading work to Google Classroom video 2